Mobile platform for
finding a cool spot opening your check tracking your order paying your bill

Mobile platform
finding a cool spot opening your check tracking your order paying your bill

We let you open your restaurant check and keep an eye on your orders. Then you can pay your bill quickly and securely... on the fly

When technology meets paying the restaurant bill, you can...

Improve experiences

Now your customers can open a check and pay the bill quickly and easily. When they're ready to fly off, they can dash out with confidence and let birdbill settle up.

Build lasting relationships

Restaurateurs and patrons alike will connect in new ways. Personalized dining experiences and faster service means satisfied customers.

Keep it simple

No more late nights reconciling unpaid bills. We speak directly to your existing point-of-sale system to keep your operation running smoothly and securely.


Everything your customers need to know

Your customer gets an up-to-date overview of all the information about the check. They can easily access details of their order, total due as well as other important info like drink specials.

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Promos
  • Status

A bird in the hand...

As a patron, simply check the app to find out your status and order more menu items with confidence.

  • Phone app view
  • Add in a custom tip
  • Pay with ease
  • View purchase history

Customers pay their bill anytime, automatically

Patrons have the option of paying their bill on the spot using the app or leaving the establishment and having birdbill pay the bill for them automatically.

  • Quick and easy
  • Payment using the app
  • Split checks
  • Email receipts

Be accessible to your customers

Provide a space for your customers to share ideas and experiences. Patrons can contact you directly through the app, if there's a problem with an order. It becomes easy to solve any problem beakause help is just a tap away.

  • Connect with the manager
  • Leave birdfeedback and comments
  • A place to share incredible photos and experiences

With birdbill you don’t have to…

Give out your credit card or fumble around with cash
Wonder what you ordered during your restaurant visit
Figure out the tip amount
Wait for your final bill to arrive