What is birdbill?

Mobile app for
your patrons

Guests follow their bills in real time and pay right from their smartphones. Someone flew the coop? birdbill's got your back.

Innovative marketing
tools for you

Keep the community posted about your specials and events. Customize the guest experience. Get reviews and feedback.

Seamless integration with your POS

We communicate with your point-of-sale system, keeping all operations running smoothly and securely.

How does it work?

Let people discover you

The "Bird's-Eye View"

Showcase your venue on our map as a "birdbillding." Attract more guests from the area to your location by allowing birdbill to point them your direction.

All-in-one solution

It's a bird...
it's a ticket!

Using location services birdbill can tell when patrons have arrived. With a single QR code scan at their table they can open or follow their POS tickets and view digital menus in the app.

Automatic bill updates

Take orders as usual, keep patrons informed

To order, your guests interact with servers just like they normally would. As staff add items to the POS ticket, guests see their bills refresh in real time.

Multi-payer support

Party wants to split the bill?

Let birdbill handle it. Each person will pay an even portion of the bill without impacting your operation. All pay methods are pre-authorized based on your business rules.

Frictionless payments

Guests ready to leave? Just say bye.

Customers tip and pay with a single tap or simply walk out and birdbill will settle up for them. No clunky pay-at-table devices needed.

Happier staff, happier patrons

With birdbill, workers make fewer trips while diners leave bigger tips.

No printed receipts
No credit cards to process manually
No guests left waiting to close out
No unpaid bills

Customize and Optimize

Create custom look and feel for your patrons to match the branding of your venue.
Promote your specials and events by sending personalized notifications straight to your patrons' devices.
Maximize your table turnover rate and profits by saving 10-15 minutes of overhead per table.
Eliminate clerical errors by avoiding cash and tipping challenges. All payment transactions are securely processed and recorded.

Join the flock!

Become a "birdbillding" and take flight with the latest in restaurant technology. Our flexible platform is highly configurable and easily tailored to meet your business needs.

Reach out to us today to get more info about our on‑boarding process.