What is birdbill?

Mobile app for
your patrons

Using location services, birdbill can tell when visitors have arrived. Tickets can then be opened and followed in real time.

Contactless payment platform

Staff need not worry about handling credit cards, fetching pens or printing receipts. Be eco-friendly and safe.

Seamless integration with your POS

We communicate with your point-of-sale system, keeping all operations running smoothly and securely.

How does it work?

Guest interaction

It's a bird...
it's a ticket!

Patrons follow open tickets by scanning QR codes using their mobile devices, allowing you to focus on the customer experience.

Ordering and bill updates

Take orders and keep your patrons informed

Touchless menus are available through the app. Then, as staff add items to the POS ticket, your guests can watch their bills refresh in real time.

Multi-payer support

Party wants to split the bill?

Let birdbill handle it. Each person will pay an even portion of the bill without impacting your operation. All pay methods are pre-authorized based on your business rules.

Secure payments on the fly

Guests ready to leave? Just say bye.

Customers tip and pay with a single tap or simply walk out and birdbill will settle up for them. No clunky pay-at-table devices needed.

Happier staff, happier patrons

With birdbill, workers make fewer trips while diners leave bigger tips.

No printed receipts
No credit cards to process manually
No guests left waiting to close out
No late nights reconciling unpaid bills

Streamline and Optimize

Your guests can follow their bills right from their phones and pay whenever they're ready.
Maximize your table turnover rate and profits by spending less time at the POS terminal dealing with credit cards and paper trails.
Eliminate clerical errors by avoiding cash and tipping challenges. All payment transactions are securely processed and recorded.

Join the flock!

"Early bird" adopters receive premium services and support, at no charge!